Burns Supper celebrations

This was a great evening, enjoyed by all 42 people who attended. Thanks particularly go to Arlene, whose original idea it was and who, with Peter, organised the event and ticket sales so well, Ken made a superb chairman, Pete Stott’s Tam o’Shanter (with props) was brilliant and John Thurstan’s Toast to the Lassies brought the house down! We were also very grateful for Judy Dunlop who entertained us with poetry and a song despite not being well enough to spend the evening with us. All the other people who contributed are to be congratulated on their efforts, making it such a smooth running event. Photos below give a taste of the evening (click for larger images).

Festival weekend 14-16 July + Scarecrows and Well


The Scarecrow making on Sunday 9th was a hot sunny day and extremely successful with plenty of scarecrows produced to varying standards. Many thanks once again to Stuart for organising the supply of materials and providing the bbq. Thanks also to Karen and Mick for the excellent food and cooking.
After the scarecrow making, the displaying and judging - Winner this year: "The Wicked Witch with the Poisoned Apples and Prince Charming with the Silver Sword". (Sue and Rob Parsons , Sycamore Cottage, Main Road) - 2 life- size upright figures with no visible means of support. This year’s judge commented “I liked the humour behind some designs just as much as I appreciated the skill and inventiveness of the makers”. Children's Champion: "Sheriff Woody". (Leah and James Alderson, 1 Main Road) - skilfully made with straw Children's Runner-up: "Asleep on the Job" (Ben and Chloe Witts, 3 Granary Close) - dozing builder slumped next to a building site
Well Dressing is high on the agenda in the week preceding the Festival weekend, starting in a relaxed vein and proceeding in ever more frenzy as the week progresses. However all’s well that ends well and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (as spelt by Disney) met with approval. Anyone is welcome to drop in and take part and plenty have put in their twopennyworth of flowers. Thanks to everyone who contributed. The superb undersea creation by Cutthorpe School was equally well received.

Festival - Friday evening and Saturday

Following the well blessing on Friday evening the Merry Lads and Lasses choir did a turn followed by Thunder Roadz who provided great entertainment. Although we had a grey day it was warm and there was a good turn out. The Dog show was as popular as ever and the newly introduced dog dash produced an interesting variance in speed. Thanks go to Mark for organising the open mic evening in the marquee.

Great Village Get Together - 17th June

This gathering was a way of getting residents, old and young, together and was a fantastic success. The day was gloriously hot and thanks go to John and Paddy Robinson for providing a field with the most spectacular view, perfect for such an event. We brought picnics, a bouncy castle and treasure hunt kept the young at heart busy and a band entertained us. Pete Stott - our local bard - had written the perfect poem to mark the day, entitled “Jo’s Party” to mark the murder of Jo Cox MP a year ago, the event that engendered the nationwide celebration. Bunting was made from fabric donations from the village (ties, shirts, etc) and Pete also wrote a poem to mark our creations, entitled ‘The Bunting Girls’ (click the link to read the poem).

Decorating the Institute

It was recently decided to spruce up the Insistute, before the finalisation of the purchase, here are a few photos of the noble souls who volunteered to help. If you call in now you’ll hopefully find it brighter and more welcoming.

Events in Cutthorpe 2017

There are plenty of happenings in Cutthorpe, below are some of them in photos (will continue to be updated) (click for larger images), on this page are photos for Scarecrows; Well Dressing; Festival; The Great Get Together; Decorating the Institute; Burns Night celebrations